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Watch 3 Masterclasses from the Lymphatic Rescue Summit

Here's What You Can Expect to Learn From These Expert Talks


Lymphatic Truth Bombs
with Kelly Kennedy

💡 Meet the Lymph Queen!
💡 Do you have an armpit or an arm-puff?
💡 Solutions for stagnant lymph and the mistake most people are making



Masterclass: Liver Lymphatics
with Jay Davidson,DC, PScD

💡 Unclogging your body’s drainage funnel
💡 #1 supplement for liver and lymphatic health
💡 4-4-4 protocol: Clear parasites and boost lymphatic health



Masterclass: Unraveling The Lymphatic System
with Christine Schaffner, ND

💡 Causes of lymphatic stagnation: Scars, interference fields and more
💡 Vital connection between the lymph and your gut, brain and teeth
💡 Using “the 4th phase of water” and structured water for lymphatic support